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Product Safety

Bacteria are found everywhere. Without bacteria, life as we know it could not exist. Bacteria strains are classified by the United States ODC into one of four different Bio Safety Levels.

Bacteria classified as BSL-1 are the safest of all bacteria and are not known to cause illness or disease in humans and animals. BESTech’s bacteria based products use only BSL-1 strains.

Bacteria classified as BSL-2 will not usually cause harm to a person with a healthy immune system, but a modest level of control is necessary when handling this class of bacteria.

Bacteria classified as BSL-3 requires a high level of care when handling, with stringent proactive control in place.

Bacteria classified into the BSL-4 group Requires extreme care. Very few laboratories scattered throughout the world are permitted to work with BSL-4 strains of bacteria.

Environmental Impact

All biological based products manufactured and marketed by BESTech are natural occurring and they (and all other products marketed by BESTech) are friendly to our environment.

Product Quality

BESTech manufactures all of its biological products in-house under stringent quality control procedures.

A sample of every new batch of bacteria is submitted to an Independent Lab for testing to validate that the strain is a clone of the original culture and is pure (free of any foreign strains or contaminants).

Product Availability

As a customer of BESTech, your interests are protected. Since our inception in 1992, it has been our policy to maintain our bacteria cultures as well as a substantial supply of product at remote locations. Even under hurricane conditions, for example, we can ship the product you need.

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