Bioremediation Cycle

Did you know that the vast majority of all strains of bacteria are considered friendly and many of them are essential to life itself? One of the reasons BESTech maintains a rigid quality assurance program is to make sure no bacteria classified as pathogens (harmful to humans) find their way into our products.

Did you also know, under perfect laboratory conditions, a single bacterium cell could multiply to become a sextillion in less than 24 hours (one sextillion is written 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)?

Did you know that different strains of bacteria have, for the lack of a better word, different personalities? Some tend to dominate, others become cannibalistic, etc. One might think anyone could purchase a few bacterium cultures with desirable grease eating traits and presto, they are ready to start their own bioremediation business. The reality is that a whole lot of time and effort goes into developing a consortium of bacteria strains that are compatible, along with the right kind and amounts of nutrient, neutralizers, etc.

When BESTech invested well over ½ million US dollars in the early 1990’s with Iowa State University and others, it was necessary in order to establish the basis for the product we use today, although – because of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have made improvements over the years such as the addition of an ingredient that eliminates odors.

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