Odor Control Products

Scentalizer Orange Oil Fragrance

Part #2151

When added to Dosing material such as BioFeed FS Floor Drain Spray, Scentalizer will mask objectionable odor emitted from the floor drain. Each vial treat 2.5 gallons of dosing material.

Encounter Gel Concentrate

Part #2166

Eliminate objectionable odor emitted by dumpsters, manufacturing or processing operations, etc. by placing an open container of hydrated Gel near the source of the odor. One Gallon of ENCOUNTER GEL combined with 4-gallons of tap water yields 5-gallons of “ready-to-use” Encounter Gel.

Pleasence Odor Eliminator

Item #82501

Pleasence is a liquid in a 2 oz. spray bottle that neutralizes malodor and leaves behind a Citrus Orange Scent. Pleasence is safe to use in proximity to food preparation activity.

Packaged in quantities of twelve (12) 2-oz. spray bottles.


Item #82511

Scentalizer (concentrated) odor mask. When added to Dosing Material such as FOG-Away Floor Drain Treatment or BioBlitz-100, Scentalizer will mask objectionable odors emitted from the floor drain, particularly when the spray treatment is being applied during business hours.

Scentalizer is safe to use in proximity to food preparation activity.

Packaged two (2) 2-oz. vials. (enough to treat 5 gallons in two separate mixings in 2.5 gallon hand sprayer [pictured/purchased separately])

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