Sewer Line Treatment

The Problem:

Grease is, without question, the greatest single contributing factor to sewer line blockages, maintenance headaches and numerous other problems.

The challenge is to determine the most cost effective way to reduce the problem to a manageable state. No two systems are alike, so “one size fits all” does not apply.

The Natural Solution: Biofeed FS®

BESTech’s Sewer Line Treatment program consists of self-contained dispensing system suspended beneath a manhole cover, immediately upstream from a trouble spot. This automatic unit dispenses a small amount of highly concentrated dosing material into the wastewater stream below. The treatment system consists of a NEMA-4 (explosion proof) dispenser powered by two 6-volt lantern batteries that draws dosing material from a 4-gallon reservoir.

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Manhole Dispenser – Part #8233

Manhole Dispenser – Part #8233

This weather resistant Dispenser is suspended inside a manhole upstream from a trouble spot and dispenses our Part # 8302 BioFeed FS product into the wastewater stream below the dispenser.

BioFeed FS Mylar Bag – Part #8302

BioFeed FS Mylar Bag – Part #8302

Makes 4-gallons of Dosing Material – enough to last 15 days when dispensed by our Manhole Dispenser Part # 8233.

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