Main Drain-Line Maintenance

The Problem:

Grease line back-ups create odor complaints, slip-and-fall accidents, and un-budgeted maintenance dollars. Managers wish to maintain a pleasant environment, keeping employees happy and customers coming back.

The Natural Solution: Biofeed FS®

This advanced BESTechnologies grease remediation system saves clients money by reducing operating costs and the potential for health-code violations. The BESTech system helps to mitigate workplace risks while enhancing customers’ dining experience.

BESTech’s Biofeed FS® Dispenser

The BESTech Biofeed FS® System dispenses live, vegetative bacteria into drain lines as many as 8 times per day to soften and degrade the fat and grease that clog drain lines and fill grease traps. It reduces the need for drain line cleaning and reduces the frequency of pumping the grease interceptor.

Biofeed FS® is automatically dispensed into the primary drain line around the clock, eliminating back-ups (when combined with Best Management Practices) and odors, and reducing the frequency of grease interceptor pump-outs.

  • Installs under sinks with little or no modification to plumbing
  • Self-contained
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to Maintain / Replenish
  • 30-day Mylar bladder bag rapidly locks in place in the dispenser with quick-connect fitting
  • Spent bags should be disposed of responsibly
  • Nothing to clean

Part #8232 Bucket Top Autodose Dispenser

This Dispenser sets on top of a 5-gallon bucket (bucket is not included) and dispenses our Part #8301 BESTech BioFeed FS®

Part # 8301 BioFeed FS Mylar Bag

(Makes 5-gallons of Dosing Material – enough to last 30 days when dispensed by our # 8232 Bucket-top AUTODOSE or # 8241 Wall-mount Dispenser).


Proprietary blend of benign, naturally-occurring vegetative bacteria. Proven to be a highly effective system for eliminating fat, oil, grease (FOG), sugar and starch in drain lines. Developed in cooperation with research scientists at Iowa State University. Hundreds of thousands of 30-day BESTech Biofeed bladder bags sold since 1992.


Contains no chemicals (surfactants, emulsifiers, detergents, etc.). BESTech Biofeed is a blend of benign, naturally occurring bacteria that actually convert fat, oil, grease (FOG), sugar and starch to carbon dioxide and water, instead of merely moving them further down the drain line.


Biofeed FS® Dispenser installs out of the way in a small footprint. Battery powered. No plumbing required. Professionally maintained through a complete service package provided by one of our many qualified distributors.

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