Trouble Shooting

We know your time is valuable, so we have included the trouble shooting section below to help you solve many of the more common problems, but if you do not find the answer you need, do not hesitate to call us. At BESTech, when a purchaser or user of our products asks for help, we stick with you until the problem is resolved.

Dispenser Related:

Programming Tip: When entering a start time to dispense, be sure to also enter a stop time.

Problem #1: Container with Dosing Material empties too soon.

  • Probable cause: Improperly programmed.
  • Corrective Action: Reprogram (See programming tips at end of this section below).

Problem #2: Container with Dosing Material empties too slow or not at all.

  • Probable cause #1: Improperly programmed.
  • Corrective Action: Reprogram (See programming tips at end of this section below).
  • Probable cause #2: If the Dispenser uses a peristaltic type pump and there is air in the dosing container, the pump has lost its prime.
  • Corrective Action: Purge air from the dosing container.

Problem #3: Bladder Bag pressurized with air

  • Probable cause #1: Supply tube and dispense tubes are reversed.
  • Corrective Action: Be sure tube from Dosing Material container is attached to pump inlet.
  • Probable cause #2: If a battery powered dispenser, Polarity of pump is reversed.
  • Corrective Action: Correct the polarity so the pump runs in the correct direction.

Problem #4: Dispenser does not operate.

  • Probable cause: If dispenser is battery powered, batteries are worn out.
  • Corrective Action: Replace batteries (with an identical new set of the same brand).

Performance Related:

Problem: I am using your Floor-drain spray product and some of the problems I am treating still exist. Why?

Possible Causes:

  • It takes several days following treatment before improvement is apparent.
  • If it has been a week or more following treatment, it is highly likely an area needing treatment was missed during treatment. Be sure the dosing material is sprayed not only in all the floor drains, but under cabinets and equipment, in the corners where walls and floor intersect, in the drain from the beverage tower and/or bar drains and all other difficult to clean areas.

Problem: My customer had a back-up soon after I installed the dispensing system.

Possible Causes:

  1. We recommend that you encourage new customers to have their drain lines cleaned and grease interceptors pumped out just before they have the bioremediation system installed,but you do not want to insist the drain lines be cleaned and the grease interceptor pumped out, particularly if it has not been long since it was last accomplished. You should be sure to explain however, that a backup could occur soon after a bioremediation system is installed, simply because, as the bacteria begins to consume grease and other organic matter, a chunk of grease could break loose in a line already nearly blocked, resulting in blockage. The longer the system operates without a problem, the less likely one will occur.
  2. If your customer’s workers are not following Best Kitchen Practices, (see the free download of such a poster on our Home page. Caustic Cleaners or sanitizers are death to the bacteria our dispenser injects into the drain lines.
  3. If neither 1 or 2 applies to you, please call us. We are anxious to help you solve your problem. Call us at 866-907-2378.

Problem: An odor is escaping from one or more floor drains.

Possible Causes:

  1. If the facility has seldom used floor drains, water in the p-trap may have evaporated allowing sewer gases to escape back and into the facility. We recommend periodically pouring a quart of tap water into every seldom used drain to prevent this from happening. You may want to talk to your customer about BESTech’s Floor Drain Treatment Program which eliminates the source of many of the odors and also eliminates drain flies.
  2. Organic Matter in stagnant water residing in a p-trap may also be the source of the problem. It doesn’t take a lot of decaying organic matter to generate a whole lot of bad odor.
  3. The source of an odor may surprise you. Often times the odor is not originating in the floor drain at all, but is actually coming from organic matter under cabinets or equipment, drains from beverage towers and/or from other hard to clean areas.
  4. If none of the above seem to apply to you, please call us. We truly want to help you identify the source of the problem and recommend steps you can take to hopefully eliminate the problem. Call us at 866-907-2378.

Problem: When I arrived to service the dispenser, there was still a lof of dosing material left in the bag.

Possible Causes:

  • Batteries in the dispenser might need to be replaced.
  • Dispenser is turned off.
  • Program not set to dispense properly.
  • Air was not purged from bag, allowing pump to lose prime.
  • Tube is disconnected from either the bag or the pump.
  • Defective Dispenser

Problem: The bag was empty before the 30 days were up.

Possible Causes:

  • Timer is not correctly programmed.
  • Timer is set to run continuously.
  • Defective timer.

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