Odor Control

The Problem:

Obnoxious odor can come from many different sources such as road construction sites, landfills, waste water treatment facilities, animal farms, zoos and the list goes on and on.

The Natural Solution: Biofeed FS®

Scentalizer Orange Oil Fragrance – Part #2151

Scentalizer Orange Oil Fragrance

Part #2151

When added to Dosing material such as BioFeed FS Floor Drain Spray, Scentalizer will mask objectionable odor emitted from the floor drain. Each vial treat 2.5 gallons of dosing material.

Encounter Gel Concentrate – Part #2166

Encounter Gel Concentrate

Part #2166

Eliminate objectionable odor emitted by dumpsters, manufacturing or processing operations, etc. by placing an open container of hydrated Gel near the source of the odor. One Gallon of Encounter Gel combined with 4-gallons of tap water yields 5-gallons of “ready-to-use” Encounter Gel.

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One application that is inexpensive yet effective is at land fills. Tank trucks are often used for dust control at land fills and it is a simple matter of adding as little as .002% (4 gallons of BESTech’s Concentrated Odor Control product to a 2,000 gallon tanker) for effective odor control.

BESTech’s Biofeed 2.5 gal Sprayer

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