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2005 Orange County,
California Restaurant Study

"Using your program has allowed us to concentrate on issues that allow us to build our business based on great food and service. I am happy to recommend your service to others."

Don McGee - Northcutt Company Director of Operations

BESTechnologies has provided technical support and excellent service. I would be happy to answer any questions and discuss the effectiveness of the product in our facility with any potential customer of BESTechnologies."

Jake Haslam - Honey-Baked Ham Company     QA Manager


Lift Station Treatment

Lift Station Treatment SystemThe Problem: Fats, oil and grease accumulate in wastewater lift stations, increasing maintenance costs, manpower requirements and related workplace risk.

The Natural Solution Biofeed FS

This advanced BESTechnologies grease remediation system saves clients money by virtually eliminating fats, oil and grease (FOG) at lift stations. The BESTech system helps wastewater operators reduce maintenance costs and potential fines from regulators with an all-natural approach that actually consumes FOG, instead of just moving it down the line. Reducing maintenance also means fewer workers are required on-site, limiting workplace risk.

The BESTech Biofeed LS system dispenses live, vegetative bacteria to soften and degrade FOG. The by-products of BESTech’s true remediation process are carbon dioxide and water. The system is proven in Lift Stations pilot programs with municipalities from Florida to California.

Biofeed LS uses a 55-gallon reservoir of high-density bacteria cultures, dispensed through a corrosion resistant spraying system mounted within the wet well. Through the use of this system, grease accumulates more slowly on wet well walls and equipment, while floating grease is reduced as well. Experience shows that Biofeed LS can significantly reduce lift station maintenance. Since caustic chemicals are virtually not needed to clean the stations, float balls, pumps and other lift station components last longer, lowering operating costs.

Contact our knowledgeable sales staff for your facility’s needs and start saving now on lift station maintenance.

Manatee County Lift StationManatee County FL Logo
Lifting the FOG in Manatee County, Florida
Lift Station Maintenance Reduced

". . . manual maintenance on that station has been greatly reduced."

" . . . look forward to working with you in the future."

"As discussed, Manatee County has been involved with the testing of the BESTech Biofeed system for lift stations for about a year now. After speaking with Brian Himes, one our maintenance personnel, we are pleased to say that the manual maintenance on that station has been greatly reduced. Brian was previously washing and scraping grease from the walls of wet wells on a bi-weekly basis, now he only washes down every eight to ten weeks. There is noticeably, less floating grease, as well as less accumulation on walls and equipment.

"Although I cannot make a direct endorsement of your product, I am comfortable in saying we are pleased with the results and look forward to working with you in the future."

Best wishes,

James D. Oglesby
Maintenance Supervisor
Lift Stations Division
Manatee County, Florida

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